Improving quality life
CityAI is re-imagining cities to improve quality of life.
Environmental Management
Growing cities face many challenges, from climate change to soaring rents.
Technological Innovations
Urban innovations in design and technology can help.
Development sustainability
We’re taking a comprehensive approach toward a more sustainable and affordable future.

Monitor key areas of the planet at regular intervals

Task satellites to capture the right location at the right time. Harness the power of machine learning to monitor areas of interest and automatically trigger alerts, reports and workflows.

Flexible on imagery.

Great insights start with the right imagery for the task at hand. Whether you already have your images or not, we got you covered!
About us

Planning Places

We’re working on innovating advanced geospatial technologies and planning neighborhoods that combine urban innovations for an even greater impact on sustainability and affordability.

How innovation is reshaping global urban environment

In today’s rapidly evolving world, no company can afford to sit on its laurels. The steady cascade of innovation compels leaders across industries to question their ways of working, and real estate is no exception. Technological advances, demographic shifts, and new business models all require developers and property management companies to reassess their approaches to serving customers and society at large.

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